Distance Learning

Dhrupad Sansthan Distance Learning Program

Dhrupad Sansthan is pleased to offer a distance learning program for individuals for whom travel to Bhopal or other Dhrupad Sansthan program locations in India is not convenient. Those who have trained at Dhrupad Sansthan and wish to continue their practice from their home locations will also find a way to do so through the distance learning program.

About the program

The Dhrupad Sansthan Distance Learning Program (DS-DLP for short), is a program where teachers trained by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers offer lessons via collaboration tools such as Skype. Vocal lessons are provided, as well as lessons for certain instruments.

How the program works

Each student interested in this program will be put in touch with Padmashri Pandit Ramakant Gundecha for his/her first session via Skype. After this evaluation session, Pandit Gundecha will assign a suitable Dhrupad Sansthan teacher to the student, and help schedule a session with the teacher. Students can then schedule subsequent lessons directly with their assigned teacher. At periodic intervals (determined by the student and teacher), additional sessions with Pandit Gundecha may be arranged.

Curriculum and content

Teaching content will be determined by the Dhrupad Sansthan teacher, as is the norm in the Guru Shisyha Parampara teaching tradition.


There are no prerequisites. All learners are welcome.

Equipment needed

– Skype account

– Device to connect to Skype with good camera and microphone

– High speed internet connectivity

Augment distance learning

Dhrupad Sansthan teachers, and Padmashri Gundecha Brothers conduct teaching programs and workshops in India and across the world. DS-DLP students are encouraged to take advantage of these programs and workshops whenever they can, to augment their distance learning, with in person teaching.

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