How to reach Dhrupad Institute

Dhrupad Sansthan (The Dhrupad  Institute) is situated in Suraj Nagar on the outskirts of Bhopal, near the National Judicial Academy in Bhadbhada.

It is about 13 kilmometers  (30 minutes drive) from both Bhopal  City Junction (Main railway station) and  Habibganj  Railway Station; and about 20 kilmometers (35 minutes drive) from Bhopal’s Raja Bhoj International Airport.

Autorikshaws (three wheelers) and taxis are available from both the railway stations; from the airport, however, only taxis are available. The standard fare for the autorikshaw ride to Dhrupad Sansthan is not more than Rs 150 (in the day) and Rs 200 at night. Taxis can charge between Rs 350 to Rs 400.

For assistance with booking gurukul’s taxi, please call
Dinesh +91-9516511380
Brajesh +91-9754232322

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