Learning at the Gurukul

(An International Residential School of Music)

Dhrupad Sansthan Bhopal (An International Residential School of Music) welcomes students who want to learn Indian Classical Music- Dhrupad. There are different courses in the gurukul for different purposes.

The Gundecha Brothers are teaching in the Gurukul under the Gurushishya Parampara (One on one teaching system).

It is situated on the outskirts of Bhopal ( in SURAJ NAGAR , near National Judicial Academy) built on 3 acres of land with beautiful landscape and quite atmosphere. The Hostel has a capacity to accommodate about 30 people. It is 5 KM away from the center of the city.

For those who are fully committed to Dhrupad music and want to become professional Dhrupad musicians, Gurukul has a four year full time course. They have to learn Dhrupad music full time in the gurukul under “Gurushishya Parampara” . There is lodging and boarding facility for the students in the Gurukul. Poor students are also given scholarships.

Those who want to come to learn Dhrupad for short term courses such as 15 days, 2 months or 4 months are also given admission to the Gurukul.

Dhrupad Rasikas (Lovers) are also welcome to the Gurukul to be in the atmosphere of Dhrupad music. Gurukul has all the lodging and boarding facilities for them also.

The Dhrupad Institute has a vast audio, video and books library for the studies and research of Dhrupad music.

Foreigners can also be given admission to the Gurukul. They can come on tourist or student visa.

To confirm availability of accomodation in the Gurukul, see Room Availability.

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