Sun and Shadja


The Earth’s rotation brings the experience of the rising and setting sun;

and the appearance of the sun to us depends on where we are looking at it from.

In the same way, swaras born of shadja, having the possibility of movement in their being, are able bring differing and unique experiences of shadja in each raga.

So the experience of the Sun or of shadja appears as if it is constantly changing.


For a viewer, the appearance of the sun depends on the distance from where it is being seen.

For a listener, the experience of shadja depends on the distance other swaras have from it.

For the viewer, distances between the Earth and the Sun are clear by the rotation of the Earth.

For the listener, every new modification of distances among shadja and other swaras clarifies a new experience of shadja..

It happens that these distances create an impression of the Sun or shadja as being moving.


But the truth is that the shadja and the Sun only look as if they were not constant.

They are actually entirely still.

The theory of relativity is able to explain this experience.

And in the context of music, the theory of relativity clarifies Consonance.

In the way that the Earth, its matter and movement are the cause for life on it,

swaras and their nature of movement are the foundation for ragas to exist.

In one sense, Life and Raga, are both a form of Maya.