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“But Even better were the Gundecha Brothers,, whose ancient art dhrupad vocal tradition has been in decline partly because of intense training required. They started with a long song of meditation, making use of sounds rather than words, which developed into an extraordinary , trance-like and soulful scat work-out.”

The Guardian, LONDON

“The sound of Dhrupad never loses sight of silence. The slowly unfolding Alap, which provides a rich melodic exploration of the choosen Raga, is a main substance of a Dhrupad recital.”

The Fairfield Weekly Reader, USA

“At their most venturesome, the brothers voices seemed more supple and versatile than any string instrument.”

Washington Post

“The two singers slowly and painstakingly improvise around the Raga’s tonic, dipping below it in long, resonant tones and then creeping above it in the same manner , usually making their way across a two and a half octave range. Eventually the tones shorten into shimmering staccato barrages that grow increasingly intense and an instrumental sounding , suggesting rapidly plucked Sitar notes.”

The Reader’s Guide Chicago

“Die beiden vokalisten demonstrierten….hier (im Alap) eine perfekte kombination von feingefuhl und energie.”

Morgen Post, Berlin

“They are so proficient in it that one can not find loose ends or any thing slipshod in their expositions of Dhrupad.”

The Hindu New Delhi

“Effortless on every note, whether high or low ,bright and clear in Meend, exquisite in texture whose variations they controlled consciously and an appealing enunciation brought the program to an unexpected level of quality……. Yes !Dhrupad is safe and The Dagarvani is all to set to enter the 21st century…..”

The Times of India, New Delhi

“The understanding between the two brothers is uncanny.”

Independent, Bombay

“The Dhrupad singing of the Gundecha Brothers was like wind that slowly unwound a feeling that seized the artists and audience alike.”

Indian Express, Madras

“Tuneful to the core impeccable in rhythm and the scores well divided, they revealed immense musical imagination and refinement.”

The Statesman, Calcutta

“They have a quite happy presence on stage and their music is shorn of those qualities of aggressive gimmicky showmanship which has brought this otherwise fine form of Hindustani music in to disrepute.”


“Currently the hottest duo in Dhrupad singing in the country.”

The Illustrated Weekly, Bombay

A Review in the Lokvani

A Review in Actualités UQAM, Montreal, 2017